Raft measures 3x3,6m and made from left over timber, 6 plastic drums given from a car workshop, and wood shingles. Building manual can be send as E-mail on demmand.

On the basis of the work by italian architect Enzo Mari, and his proposal for making furniture making accesible to all ”Un’ proposta di un Autoprogettazione”. Enzo Mari had a mission of making people aware of the design and furniture surrounding them, and making design accesible for all. I redrew his design Sedia 1 and further developed my design based on these principles - ending up with a raft.

The chair design of 'Sedia 1' was made into a bench. The bench was fitted to the raft, and a pergola roof put on top, filtering the light and giving shade to the users of the bench. The materials for the pergola as well as the bench are leftovers from the light house construction. The raft is currently situated in Aarhus harbour, being used by the local sailing and kayaking clubs, as well as pedestrians looking for a rest, to sit and enjoy the sunset.

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