The lighthouse is a wooden tower made for my thesis at AARCH during the spring of 2021. The tower and a raft with a bench, was placed on Aarhus Ø during the summer of 2021, being used by local sailors, swimmers and pedestrians.
In the spring of 2022 the tower was rebuild to become the new headquarter for GoBoat in Aarhus. Now placed in a new small park in an old industrial part of the harbour, the project now functions as a small bar as well as a place to rent small electrical boats, from which you ca experience the waterfront of the city.
The intention of this project was to create a social space - a space that would accomodate encounters.
Rebuilding the tower to be used as a bar and station for boat rental has made the tower fulfill its original purpose. It has also meant designing and constructing the interior, as well as making the proper configurations for having it approved by the municipality.
The tower now has its home on Pier 2 in Aarhus Harbour, where it will be for the next 2 year  - and hopefully longer.
The Tower can be visited on:
 Inge Lehmanns Gade 22
8000 - Aarhus C

Designing the interior of the tower has been a challenge of using the height of the tower for storage space. The small floor plan means ladders to the upper floors should be retractable, and for this we have used fittings from sailing boats. As the staff aren't all sailors, a guide has been made showing how to secure a halyard, and how to stay safe when operating ladders!

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